• 01 Artificial intelligence (AI)-based operator decision-making support

    Based on ANN (Artificial Neural Network)-based hybrid AI algorithm, we come up with a plan to secure stable discharge water quality through functions such as driver decision support / short-term inflow and water quality prediction / short-term discharge water quality prediction during abnormal driving.

    02 IoT-based water quality multi-sensing system

    BOD, COD, TOC, TSS, T-N, and TP are simultaneously measured through the chemical-free LED multi-wavelength sensor, enabling low-cost real-time water quality monitoring.

    03 Artificial intelligence (AI) based energy saving system

    Through ANN (Artificial Neural Network)-based AI algorithm and statistical correlation analysis, it achieves energy saving effect by controlling the amount of airflow / controlling the amount of drug injection / optimizing the amount of electricity.

    04 Big data-based edge computing system

    Edge computing is applied to prevent data delay in cloud computing during big data calculations to achieve effects such as data load reduction / failure response / security enhancement.