It is a mass flow meter manufacturer with trust and expertise.

professional manufacturer of flowmeters &measuring instruments &water quality TMS with trust and expertiseThis is Golden Rule. After 37 years of hard work, based on diverse and rich technological experience in Kornix, Woojin Group, and Hitrol Co., Ltd. and accumulated German technology, we have domestically developed mass flowmeters and total flowmeters in R&D fields (Korea Energy Research Institute, Posco Research Institute). etc.), and then supplying it to government offices and all industrial fields, and exporting to overseas as well.

Our only domestic thermal mass flow meter and differential pressure mass flow meter (accuracy ± 0.5% RD) are used in plants such as aerospace industry, ship, semiconductor, steel, power plant, chemical, shipyard, etc. for hydrogen, special, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, LNG , LPG, CO2, steam, ultrapure water, liquid, oil, etc. are supplied for precision flow measurement.In 2020, through Hanyang ENG, we supplied Korea Aerospace Industries' Korean fighter (KF-21) fuel jig test facility project as an import substitute.

Based on this performance, on February 14, 2022, 19 units were supplied to Lithium Plus as replacements for imports to Pilot Plnat PJT through a lithium hydroxide equipment manufacturer for electric vehicle batteries, secondary fuel cells. In particular, it has been adopted for hydrogen gas measurement in hydrogen generators, hydrogen supply devices, and semiconductor fuel cells, and continues to be delivered.In addition, our differential pressure mass flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, radar level gauge, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, and water quality TMS have also been adopted and approved for biogas projects in the environmental sector, which have been dependent on imported products.With the best domestic technology, solutions, and service spirit, we promise to become the golden rule that runs wherever customers call and takes responsibility until the end. Golden Rule

Han Mo Hong, CEO of Golden Rule