Golden Rules Co., Ltd.It is a company that specializes in manufacturing mass flow meters for gas, steam, liquid, oil, bio, and air based on 35 years of various field experiences and accumulated German excellent technology.

  • We continue to strive to help our partners succeed and create value with the spirit of the golden rule.

  • With the commitment to become an entrepreneur of God, we do our best in product development research, management guidance, education and training.

  • Become a professional manufacturer of total flow meters that is renowned in the domestic industry.

  • We become a manufacturing company that always provides the best quality to our customers.

  • We become a company that practices the best A/S that runs wherever customers call.

We are producing the most advanced and technologically superior thermal mass flow meters in Korea, and we are striving to leap into a flow meter specialized company with the goal of increasing domestic and foreign exports.

Delivery performance

Golden Rule works with clients based on trust.