Application :
1. Smart ICT
2. Sodium hydroxide crystallization facility for semiconductor fuel cell
3. Production of semiconductor parts: hydrogen, special gas
4. R&D
5. Boiler Steam

1-1. Smart ICT Application Overview Smart ICT is a project to build an EMS (Energy Measurement System) in factories (FEMS), buildings (BEMS), and apartment buildings (HEMS).EMS is a management system to minimize energy use, and it aims to save energy by monitoring, analyzing, and remotely controlling energy used for production activities and facility maintenance.Golden Rule Co., Ltd. delivered a 5-multi-measurement differential pressure mass flow meter to an energy diagnosis specialized institution that is carrying out energy-saving projects based on verification through M&V techniques and a lot of experience in energy-saving facilities in the energy and ICT fields.are doing

1-2. Application System Features a.The world's first domestically developed patented product b.New technology certified products c.5- Significantly reduce installation cost for multi-measurement d.Simultaneous measurement and monitoring of 5 data with one flowmeter (RS-485 communication) e.High accuracy of ±0.5% reading


Application :
1.Smart flood and floodgate management
2.Water and wastewater treatment plant flow rate, water level, water quality analysis management
3.Integrated management of water and wastewater treatment plants

2-1. Smart Flood Management System Application Overview Flood Management System

2-2. Applicable System Caution:
This product is a radar device for level measurement that cannot perform Rx (receive) unless Tx (transmit) is performed.This wireless device must be installed vertically downward using an integrated or body-exclusive antenna. If it is intended to be installed within a radius of 2 km from the radio astronomical antenna, prior agreement with the observatory is required.


3-1. System overview By collecting data of monitoring, measurement, and control signals by different systems and facilities of water/sewage, sewage/wastewater treatment plants, and building a system with centralized and distributed control functions in the central operating room, it manages and manages all matters in the treatment plant.It consists of a control system.In addition, since the integrated system can be configured through the web, monitoring and control are possible in any situation.

3-2. Waterworks integrated management system

3-3. Sewerage Integrated Management System

3-4. The world's first all-in-one sewage pipe obesity pipe flow meter

3-5. Application: wastewater, rainwater, irrigation, sewage, etc.

3-6. Meter Assembly Components
1) Electronic Flowmeter
2) Ultrasonic Level Meter
3) Pipe Type Speed Sensor
4) Remote Signal Transducer: Surface Mount
5) Signal Cable