• 01night minimum flow analysis

    Nighttime flow is the best predictor of leaks and analyzes them to support decision-making.

    02 Cleaning pipe network, support decision-making for rehabilitation

    By analyzing various data affecting the life cycle of pipes, we support decision-making such as cleaning, rehabilitation, and replacement of pipe networks. This can improve the quality of water service along with efficient budget allocation.

    03 Demand Analysis

    Analyzes water demand under various conditions to provide forecasted supply data required for water supply. This allows for more efficient use of water resources in case of emergency.

    04 Leakage decision support

    By comprehensively analyzing a variety of data, it supports leak determination and leak response decision-making. The lower the leak rate, the lower the cost and the better the quality of water service.

    05 Hydraulic analysis

    Water pressure is the most important information in water service. It is used to ensure smooth water supply through water pressure analysis, to reduce water leakage through proper water pressure, and to estimate water leakage.

    06Sample water supply operation simulation

    It assumes and simulates various operating conditions, such as an increase in the number of customers, finding alternative pipelines in case of an accident, adequacy of water supply, and management of water quality. Operators can make decisions through different scenario modes.